Monday, 17 December 2018 17:49

Toys for Tats a huge hit in Richmond

Toys for Tats a huge hit in Richmond Black Rabbit Tattoo
Toys lined the floor of Black Rabbit Tattoo on the day of their "Toys for Tats" event.
People donating toys were able to receive a palm-sized tattoo or take a $50 gift certificate. The donations went to a local non-profit group, Child Savers. Child Savers will give the gifts to children unable to receive gifts this Christmas. The owner, Ryan Wall, said he and his wife wanted to help others. More info here. This event is just another example of a great community coming together for a good cause. Children who wouldn't receive gifts for Christmas now get that joy in their life, and dozens of people now have extra ink to show off at Christmas dinner! A win-win for everyone involved.